Other Services

Additional Services

  • Kessinger/Hunter’s main number, 816-274-8484, is answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • Suite keys are available from the Kessinger/Hunter locksmith at 816-274-3102.

Move Procedures

  • Please contact the building desk attendant, or, if none, at 816-274-8484 to coordinate lengthy moves or large equipment moves. Dates, times, insurance certificates, protective floor coverings and freight elevator use must be discussed. There is no moving allowed through the lobby area.

Tenant Door Signs/Directory

  • A standard suite sign and a limited number of directory strips are initially provided by Kessinger/Hunter. Please provide your preferences to K/H via a letter or email.
  • No other signage is permitted without prior approval from Kessinger/Hunter.

Contractors General Conditions For Construction

Please download our General Terms and Conditions for Construction Here.

General Terms and Conditions For Consultants

Please download our General Terms and Conditions for Consultants Here.