Our maintenance number is 816-274-8484, and is answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • There is no tenant charge for HVAC adjustments.
  • Tenants may request HVAC beyond regular office hours, with the extra hours billed to the tenant. Please direct after-hours requests to 816-274-8484.


  • All service requests should be directed to 816-274-8484.
  • Tenant suites and common areas are cleaned in the evenings, Monday through Friday.
  • Office buildings are staffed with at least one day matron to assist with spill cleanup and daytime trash removal.
  • Other day matron service inquiries should be directed to the janitorial project manager at 816-545-2155.  


  • Bulb replacements and ballasts are available from Kessinger/Hunter.

Move Procedures

  • Please contact the desk attendant, or, if none, at 816-274-8484 to coordinate lengthy moves or large equipment moves. Dates, times, insurance certificates, protective floor coverings and freight elevator use must be discussed. There is no moving allowed through the lobby area.


  • Collection containers are provided at no cost to tenants.
  • The following items can be recycled: brochures, catalogs, copy paper, all envelopes, flip chart paper, letter pad paper, letterhead, magazines. manila folders, newspaper, notebook paper, phonebooks, postcards, soft-covered books and manuals with glued bindings.

Tenant Door/Signs/Directory

  • A standard suite sign and a limited number of directory strips are initially provided by Kessinger/Hunter. Please provide your preferences to K/H via a letter or email.
  • No other signage is permitted without prior approval from Kessinger/Hunter.