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    2450 Grand Blvd, Kansas City , MO. 64108

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In 1988, the Sheraton Kansas City and The Westin Kansas City hotels were "linked" by an elevated pedestrian walkway. The 880-foot Link provides weather-protected, lighted access between hotels, office buildings and the Crown Center Shops.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 28 & THURSDAY, JULY 29: The Link between The Westin and Sheraton hotels  will be closed 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM for glass replacement. Alternate routes will be available through the garages or at street level.  The project hours are 7:00am to 6pm, after which the link will be open for the evenings.

Access to The Link from the Sheraton to The Westin from within the hotels is available.

Access to The Link from exterior doors is available limited hours Monday - Friday.

Another link, connecting The Westin and Union Station, was added in 2000.  This link is managed by Union Station. This link is currently open but may have limited hours.