Hallmark Visitors Center

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    Hallmark Square
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    All Ages

The Hallmark Visitors Center is FREE, fun and educational.

Discover how a teenager from Nebraska tucked two shoeboxes of postcards under his arms and set out to create an iconic company in Kansas City.  More than 100 years later, our billion-dollar brand contains a diverse portfolio of six businesses.  Combined with one of the world's largest creative communities, Hallmark helps to foster a more emotionally connected world.

From our timeline walking visitors through Hallmark's humble beginnings, to famous collaborations with U.S. presidents, world leaders and famous artists, to samples of our current products customers have grown to love, come visit us and be immersed in the world of Hallmark at our Visitors Center.

The Hallmark Visitors Center will be CLOSED:  December 24 - 25, 2019, January 1 and January 6-8, 2020.