Local choirs entertain Crown Center visitors during the springtime and holiday season. Please call 816-274-7251 for more information or to schedule your group to perform.

Monday, November 27

10:45 am- Meadow Lane Elementary
6:30 pm- Double Reed Ensemble Choir

Tuesday, November 28

10:00 am- Mid-Buchanan
1:45 pm- Prairie Star Elementary

Wednesday, November 29

10:45 am- Kansas City Christian School
1:45 pm- John Paul II Catholic School
5:00 pm- Lewis Elementary

Thursday, November 30

10:00 am- Summit Christian Academy
10:45 am- Raytown Middle School
1:00 pm- St. Stephens Baptist Church
1:45 pm- Grandview Christian School

Friday, December 1

10:00 am- Basehor Linwood H.S.
10:45 am- Basehor Linwood M.S.
1:00 pm- Mission Trail Elementary
1:45 pm- Central Heights M.S.
6:30 pm- Greenwood Elementary
7:15 pm- Eudora H.S.
8:00 pm- Eudora H.S.

Saturday, December 2

5:00 pm- Edwardsville Elementary

Sunday, December 3

1:00 pm- Bonewits Music Studio
2:30 pm- St. Michael the Archangel Defender Choir
3:15 pm- Bones Midwest
4:00 pm- Kansas City Boy's and Girl's Choir
5:00 pm- Youth Choir of Kansas City

Monday, December 4

10:00 am- Elm Grove Elementary
10:45 am- Monticello Trails M.S.
1:00 pm- Ascension Catholic School 5th/6th Grade Boy's Choir
1:45 pm- Grandview Christian School
7:15 pm- Stanley Elementary

Tuesday, December 5

10:00 am- Santa Fe Trail M.S.
10:45 am- Pickett Elementary
1:00 pm- St. Terese School
1:45 pm- Platte City M.S.
5:45 pm- Ferrell Violin Studio
6:30 pm- Oskaloosa M.S.
7:15 pm- Leawood Elementary School

Wednesday, December 6

10:00 am- Maranatha Christian Academy
10:45 am- Northland Christian H.S. Singers
1:00 pm- Kansas City International Academy
1:45 pm- Wheatridge M.S. Mustang Musicians
5:00 pm- Oxford M.S.
5:45 pm- Belton H.S.
6:30 pm- Pleasant Hill M.S.
7:15 pm- Pleasant Hill M.S.

Thursday, December 7

10:00 am- Scarborough Elementary
10:45 am- Indian Hills M.S.
1:00 pm- Indian Hills M.S.
1:45 pm- Heatherstone Elementary
5:45 pm- Heritage Elementary
7:15 pm- North Kansas City H.S. Womans Treble Choir

Friday, December 8

10:00 am- Blue Ridge Christian School
10:45 am- Ravenwood Elementary Treble Make'N Tigers
1:00 pm- SMSD South Area Silver Strings
1:45 pm- Northland Christian Elementary School Choir
5:00 pm- Gardner-Edgerton H.S.
5:45 pm- Chinn Elementary
6:30 pm- Ottawa M.S.
7:15 pm- St. James Academy Choir
8:00 pm- Benton H.S. Chamber Choir

Saturday, December 9

5:00 pm- Overland Trail Elementary
5:45 pm- A Lovely Shade of Blue Handbells Duet

Sunday, December 10

2:30 pm- Ascension Church Joyful Voices Choir
3:15 pm- DeSoto Baptist Church
4:00 pm- Holy Spirit Catholic School

Monday, December 11

10:00 am- Winnetonka H.S.
10:45 am- Prairie Trail M.S. 8th Grade men - 7th/8th Grade women
1:00 pm- Prairie Trail M.S. 6th Grade
1:45 pm- Prairie Trail M.S. 7th Grade men - 7th/8th Grade women
5:00 pm- Aubry Bend M.S. 8th Grade
5:45 pm- Aubry Bend M.S. 7th Grade
6:30 pm- Bishop Miege H.S.
8:00 pm- Trilogy Cultural Arts Center

Tuesday, December 12

10:00 am- Spring Hill M.S.
10:45 am- Trailwood Elementary
1:00 pm- Westridge M.S. 7th Grade
1:45 pm- Westridge M.S. 8th Grade
5:45 pm- Border Star Montessori

Wednesday, December 13

10:00 am- West Platte Elementary
10:45 am- Brookridge Day School
1:00 pm- Blue Valley M.S. Choir
1:45 pm- St. Paul's Episcopal Day School
5:45 pm- Oregon Trail M.S.
6:30 pm- Oakhill Day School
7:15 pm- Chisholm Trail Night Cats

Thursday, December 14

10:00 am- Holy Rosary - Wea Kansas
10:45 am- Brookridge Elementary
1:00 pm- Prairie Creek Elementary
1:45 pm- Central H.S.
5:00 pm- Sacred Heart H.S.
5:45 pm- Mission Trail M.S.
6:30 pm- Union Chapel
7:15 pm- Black Swan Suzuki Strings

Friday, December 15

10:00 am- Belton M.S. / Freshman Center
10:45 am- Mahaffie Elementary School
1:00 pm- Tomahawk Elementary
1:45 pm- Wheatridge M.S. Mustang Crew
5:00 pm- Spring Hill H.S. Madrigals
5:45 pm- Smithville M.S.
6:30 pm- Miss Lavonnes Suzuki Strings
7:15 pm- Christine Broxterman's Music Studio

Saturday, December 16

5:00 pm- Southeast Elementary
5:45 pm- Laurel Parks Violin Studio
6:30 pm- Levin Piano Studio

Sunday, December 17

1:45 pm- Cynthia Markey Piano Studio
2:30 pm- Girl Scout Troop 1745 / Service Unit 608 North K.C. Schools
4:00 pm- Silver Song Flute Studio

Monday, December 18

10:00 am- Lakeview M.S.
10:45 am- Prairie Elementary 6th Grade Choir
1:00 pm- Maranatha Christian Academy
1:45 pm- Calvary Lutheran School

Tuesday, December 19

10:00 am- Discovery M.S.
10:45 am- St. Andrew the Apostle
1:00 pm- Clardy M.S.
1:45 pm- Graden M.S.
5:00 pm- Lutheran H.S. Handbell Choir
5:45 pm- Lutheran H.S. Choir
6:30 pm- Leawood M.S.