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Parking Information

Crown Center is located in the heart of Kansas City at 2450 Grand Blvd.

Parking at the Crown Center Shops:
The retail parking garage may be accessed from Grand Blvd., just south of the Crown Center Shops main entrance. Enjoy our new wider spaces on Level 3A, just outside the entrance to our new Halls store.

Accessibility for Guests with Disabilities:
The Crown Center complex, including the tri-level retail center and both hotels, is wheelchair accessible. Courtesy wheelchairs are available at Customer Service on level two of the Crown Center Shops. Handicap parking is available on levels 2A and 3A of the Crown Center Shops parking garage. Two handicap parking spaces are available on Grand Blvd., near the Crown Center Shops' Grand Blvd. entrance. The Crown Center Shops' Grand Blvd. entrance is handicap van accessible.

Three hours of FREE parking is available in our retail parking garage with a validation slip from any Crown Center shop or restaurant. You can get an extra three FREE hours when you have $25 or more in same-day receipts from any Crown Center shop or restaurant. Show your receipts at Crown Center Customer Service and receive a six-hour validation slip. (Receipts are not accepted at the parking gate, so be sure to validate your ticket at Crown Center Customer Service before you leave.)

When you are ready to leave take your parking garage entrance ticket and validation slip to any pay-on-foot kiosk or garage exit station and follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Insert your parking entrance ticket.
  2. Scan your parking validation slip.
  3. Pay any balance amount due.
  4. Remove your validated entrance ticket and proceed to your car to exit the garage.

The validated entrance ticket is valid for a limited time - about 15 minutes - and should only be processed when you are ready to leave the garage.

Parking Fees:
Beyond these above options, here are the standard parking rates. Payment by cash, credit or debit card.

0 - 1/2 Hr: $5.00
1/2 - 1 Hr: $8.00
1 - 2 Hrs: $9.00
2 - 3 Hrs: $10.00
3 - 4 Hrs: $11.00
4 - 5 Hrs: $12.00
5 - 6 Hrs: $13.00
6 - 24 Hrs: $18.00

Early Bird $11.00 Hotels Only
(in by 10:00 am, out by midnight)

Bus Parking:
Bus parking is available along Warwick Trafficway between 26th and 27th Streets, as well as along McGee Street Trafficway north of 26th St. Download this map for more information.

Electric Vehicle Charging:
The KCP&L Clean Charge Network consists of more than 1,000 electric vehicle charging stations - more per capita than any other U.S. city has to offer. And now, the Crown Center complex is home to 22 stations that will serve 44 electric vehicles.

The stations are located in the following garages:

  • Crown Center Retail Shops Garage, 3 stations, Level 2A 
  • Pershing Office Garage, 3 stations, Gold Level near 2460 Elevators 
  • The Westin Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center, 3 stations, Orange Level
  • 2301 McGee/Sheraton Kansas City Hotel Garage, 3 stations, Lobby Level
  • 2600 Grand Garage, 3 stations, Level P2

Additional stations are located in the 2575 Warwick Garage (level 1) and the Hallmark Employee Garage.

For more information on the KCP&L Clean Charge Network visit